Slide To Safety

Slide To Safety (STS) is a patented (US Patent 9,056,210) rapid evacuation system (RES) developed as an alternative means of evacuation from multiple story building doors or windows.


Slide To Safety was developed in response to the increasing amount of emergencies in schools that endanger children.

The Rapid Evacuation Slide is a new technology developed as an alternative method of evacuation from multi-story buildings in all types of dangerous situations, whether that is a fire, natural disasters, gas leaks, or an active shooter situation.

Life-Saving, Cutting-Edge Technology

The Slide to Safety was designed to use cutting edge technology that has successfully saved lives in the aviation industry for years, but STS took it to another level and developed technologies that provide an all-purpose rapid evacuation system, as an alternative method of evacuation, to save lives in various situations. All parts on our system meet or exceed Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) standards.

Our evacuation slides can and will save people in many different types of applications on a wide variety of buildings. The slide is fully deployed in under six seconds from initiation.

Easy To Use

With our patented product, any user can activate the Slide To Safety rapid evacuation system. We believe the greatest product/idea is one that (a) solves a problem and (b) is simple to operate and use. Slide To Safety is exactly that product!

The Slide To Safety can be used for commercial, school, and residential buildings. It will revolutionize the manner in which people escape from all types of emergency situations such as: an active shooter, fire, natural disasters, gas leaks, and a variety of other emergencies. (click any of the icons below to learn more)

Rapid Evacuation System Slide To Safety Emergency Evacuation Mission


Our Emergency Evacuation Slides are designed to do just that. Slide To Safety will revolutionize the way people escape from dangerous situations that occur on a daily basis, and by doing so, lives will be saved. Our Slide Saves Lives.

The Story Behind Slide To Safety.

Blair, having flown helicopters and airplanes since the age of 12 and becoming a pilot when he turned 17, naturally thought to the aviation world. In the event of an emergency on an aircraft, rapid evacuation slides are deployed and the passengers slide out and away from danger. Why don’t we have this option on buildings? We need an alternative means of evacuation. This thought let to Slide To Safety. Click here to learn more about Blair’s story.

Fight or Flight is known as the most common response to a perceived harmful event or a threat to survival.  Any adult or child going up against an armed gunman has virtually zero chance of survival. That leaves us with our only remaining option: FLIGHT. The problem with flight is that you have no exact way of knowing which way to run. The wrong decision will most definitely cost you your life. Slide To Safety provides a quick, easy alternative method of evacuation an emergency situation with technology that provides a rapid escape.

Are you ready to invest in protecting human life from natural and man made tragedies?


Slide to Safety is the next logical step in protecting human life from natural and man-made tragedies. The Slide to Safety rapid evacuation system slide must be installed in every classroom in the country to begin saving lives!

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