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New Technologies Providing Alternative Methods of Emergency Evacuation
18 Jul

New Technologies Providing Alternative Means of Evacuation

At Slide To Safety, our mission is simple: Save lives. And with the increasing danger of school shootings and other emergencies, we knew something had to be done. Because of this, our CEO, Blair White, drew on his experience in the aviation industry to create new technologies that provide an alternative method of evacuation for schools, commercial buildings, and even residential homes or apartments. The inflatable slides they use in airplane crashes or emergencies inspired our patented rapid evacuation slide.

How effective are our current means of evacuation in emergencies?

Think about the methods of evacuation we have in schools, buildings and homes or apartments today. For many schools, they are one or two levels and the two doors leading out to the hallway in every classroom qualify as the two required exit routes. However, if there is an active shooter terrorizing the school and traveling through the hallways, like in Columbine or the Virginia Tech shootings, what good is it to have two exits into those dangerous hallways?

Students are forced to duck and cover, squeezing together in the corner of a classroom and hoping the shooter doesn’t decide to shoot through or break down the doors. Because if they did, those students are at the mercy of the shooter.

Now imagine you live on the fourth floor of an apartment building and a fire broke out in another unit on your hall. You’re only real method of evacuation is using the fire escape on the outside of the building. Not only are they unreliable, but what if someone in your apartment has a disability or handicap, making it impossible for the building’s fire escape to be an option for them?

With 39.2 million Americans with one or more disabilities, who are non-institutionalized, we know there’s a demand for an alternative method of evacuation in emergency situations specifically for the disabled. (Source)

New Technologies Providing Alternative Methods of Evacuation in Emergencies

How will Slide To Safety revolutionize the way we respond to emergencies?

The Slide To Safety is a patented rapid evacuation slide which we can implement in schools, commercial or corporate buildings, and residential homes or apartments as high as four stories. We can retrofit our slides to older buildings and easily integrate them into new construction. You can choose either a window unit or door unit, depending on your building’s specific needs.

In an emergency, you will pull the release lever which activate release pins, allowing the compressed air canisters to deploy and inflate the slide. In under six seconds, the slide will fully inflate and you can evacuate an average classroom of 25 people in one minute. You can learn even more about how our rapid evacuation slide works by clicking here.

Are you ready to implement new technologies that provide an alternative method of evacuation for our children, family members, and ourselves? Learn more about purchasing a Slide To Safety and saving lives by clicking the button below!



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