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gas leak
17 Aug

Earlier this year, there were a series of scams involving someone calling fast food restaurants directly, claiming to be an official of the local fire department, and convincing the managers there was a gas leak in their building and they had to break the windows in the restaurant to prevent a gas explosion. Throughout the beginning of this year, there were reports of these calls happening in Arizona, California, Oklahoma, Minnesota, and Indiana.

Pranks like this are serious and the people behind them should be punished. But learning more about the appliances in your restaurant and how to react to a gas leak will prevent any scams like this from affecting your establishment.

To prevent a gas leak…

Have a professional install your gas appliances

A gas leak can occur when gas appliances, like ovens or boilers, are improperly installed. So the first step to ensuring your restaurant is safe from gas leaks, and even carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning, is to call a professional who can inspect your system. They will make sure it’s functioning properly, it’s hooked up properly, and there are no other problems with the appliance which could cause a gas leak. If your restaurant is new, have a professional, competent engineer install all your appliances.

Schedule routine maintenance for your gas appliances

Regularly maintain your gas pipework and flues in addition to having your gas appliances regularly maintenanced. By scheduling routine service appointments for your appliances, you’re reducing your risk of a gas leak because professionals will keep an eye out for signs of trouble. As long as they are checking your system on a regular basis, you minimize the chance of having unexpected problems sprout up between them.

Ensure every room in your restaurant with gas appliances is properly ventilated.

If you notice a draft from under a door or other air inlets, you must leave them to allow for proper ventilation. Many people will cover those little inlets in the winter to prevent cold air from sneaking in the building, but the air inlet actually allows some fresh air from outside indoors. If there is a gas leak, it can quickly fill up the air in a room with inadequate ventilation. Also, do not block off any flues or chimneys in your restaurant.

Remember to have a professional routinely check your gas appliances as well as your gas pipes because any malfunction or defect in those systems can cause a potentially fatal situation. When there is a gas leak, the slightest spark could cause a gas explosion. But breaking your windows will not solve the problem.

Unfortunately, if you only know a little bit about gas leaks, it might seem like a valid option. Because it would increase the ventilation in the room and allow the gas to exit, but the best thing to do in the case of a gas leak is to exit the building and, from a safe distance, call 911.

Also, using a phone or cell phone in a building with a gas leak could cause an explosion, so if these scammers were truly authority officials, they would know better than to call a building with a gas leak.

Keep your restaurant equipment maintained, your rooms well ventilated, and if you suspect there is a gas leak in your restaurant, EXIT FIRST then call 911 immediately.



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