How It Works

How It Works

Activate Slide To Safety

1. Activate Slide

Slide Deploys in 3 Seconds

2. Slide Fully Inflated in under 6 seconds

Emergency Evacuation Slide

3. Slide to Safety!

How Is The Slide Deployed?

Slide To Safety is deployed using compressed air canisters that run through aspirators.

These aspirators let the slide pull in ambient air, thus giving STS the under 6 seconds inflation time. STS comes equipped with Pressure Relief Valves that the slide activates when it has enough pressure to form a rigid structure.

Once deployed, STS will remain fully inflated until the unit is depressurized. After activation and deployment each unit must be inspected, deflated, and repackaged for reuse.

To activate Slide To Safety, the user will pull the release lever which will accomplish three things in rapid succession:

  1. Release pins will be activated allowing the compressed air canisters to be deployed
  2. The slide housing allows STS inflation
  3. The door releases allowing rapid evacuation on the slide
Rapid Evacuation System Deploys in 3 Seconds
New Technologies Providing Alternative Methods of Evacuation in Emergencies


Inflatable Slides as alternative method of evacuation

This is the Stairway To Safety! And it allows us to demonstrate how the Slide To Safety inflates as well as how people use it. We don’t have a way to fit a Slide To Safety in every building that we’re visiting, so we found our own way to show you how it works first-hand. Once you see it, you’ll want one installed on every floor of your building, whether it’s a school, commercial, or residential location.


While we think the videos we produce and the photographs on our website give you a great glimpse into what the Slide To Safety can be, we know that this mobile trailer will give you an even better idea of what we’re on the brink of here at Slide To Safety. We’re ready to revolutionize the way people respond to active shooters, fires, and other emergencies in schools, commercial buildings and homes!

Test the Stairway to Safety at the National School Safety Conference!

Omni Championsgate Resort
Orlando, Florida

July 25 – 29th, 2016

Stairway To Safety Slide To Safety Rapid Evacuation Slide



All STS components are non-electrical units. A loss of power doesn’t affect usability.

Four story drop capability

Each unit can be produced for up to four story drop. With an average height of a floor being ten feet, the slide can be used up to four floors


Our slides can be retrofitted to existing homes and buildings, as well as added into new construction.

Adjustable expansion angles

Slide To Safety will not only expand straight out but have the capability to adjust according to ground and building obstructions.

These options include: S turn capability, a 90 degree turn, or a variety of other options depending on each individual landing zone. This will allow the slide to avoid ground and building obstacles to provide a safe landing.

Door & Window Units

Slide To Safety offers door and window units for your building or home. Our in-house architect and engineer will help you decide which option is best for you and your needs.

Pulling one release lever will allow you to Slide To Safety – away from dangerous threats – in under 6 seconds!

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