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04 Aug

Why Inflatable Slides Make Excellent Alternate Methods of Evacuation

Arrow: Pointing to emergency evacuation slide on aircraft. 

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If you’re not familiar with Slide To Safety already, you may not know that our new technology providing alternative means of evacuation for schools and public buildings was inspired by the emergency inflatable slides you find in aircrafts. Our founder and CEO, Blair White, grew up flying planes and realized the technology could also be used on land, in buildings, to quickly evacuate a building in an emergency like an active gunman, fire, gas leak or bomb threat.

Yesterday evening, on the aircraft’s descent, a Boeing 777 skidded on the runway at an airport in Abu Dhabi and subsequently burst into flames. In a matter of seconds the aircraft was engulfed with flames and surrounded by heavy black smoke. All while carrying over 300 passengers and airline employees.

And there were no fatalities of the occupants of the aircraft.

How does that happen?

The emergency evacuation inflatable slides installed on all aircrafts which are capable of evacuating the aircraft in 90 seconds. There were 282 passengers and 18 airline employees on board the plane when it caught on fire and every one of those occupants were able to evacuate the aircraft within 90 seconds and survive.

Only 13 passengers suffered minor injuries.

We are dedicated to implementing our rapid evacuation slides into every school, public building, and home in the country because we know it can save lives. Just look at how many lives were saved in a matter of 90 seconds because of the same technology on an aircraft.

Airlines and aircraft manufacturers know how quickly disaster can strike and the importance of escaping an emergency within seconds. And because they know this and created technologies providing an alternative method of escape from an aircraft in an emergency, just over 300 lives were saved yesterday in what could have been a devastating tragedy.

We want to do the same for the children in our schools, the young adults in our universities, the hard workers in our public buildings, and the people of our community in their homes.

Inflatable Slides as Alternative Method of Evacuation Saves 300 Lives

Our slides save lives.



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