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01 Aug

Back to School Month: Simon’s School Safety Tips [Links]

August is National Back to School Month!

And as our kids are getting readjusted to their school schedules, you should take this opportunity to revisit some safety tips for your kids that can get lost in a sea of Pokemon Go and beach trips over the summer. Not sure where to start? We’ve got a compilation of our most helpful school safety articles for you to go over with your child(ren).

School Safety Tips Resource

School Safety

School Safety: Fast Facts for a Safe School Environment

This article focuses on preventative measures schools can take to create a safe school environment. While this article is focused more toward teachers and school administrators, parents could also benefit from reading this article. Find suggestions and take them to your Parent-Teacher meetings to do your part in creating a safer school environment for your kids and other students!

School Safety

10 Safety Tips for Walking To & From School

Here you’ll find 10 safety tips for your children who walk to and from school. It is just as much for parents as it is for students and suggests that you walk the route with your children before they first day of school and other tips you might not think about!


11 Questions You Should Ask Your School’s Administrator

Whether or not your child is starting at a new school or returning to their usual one, if you’ve never asked your school’s administrators it’s about time you do! And we’ve got a few questions to make the conversation easy for you. Ask your school’s administrators these 11 questions to ensure your child’s safety in the case of an emergency.


Cyber Bullying: The Evil Side of Technology

While this article doesn’t have definitive tips for parents, it is a great resource for parents to learn more about cyber bullying. Children have only gotten meaner with new avenues to reach each other and they take advantage of social networks and phone apps to bully kids with less accountability than if they do it at school or in-person. It’s important for parents to educate themselves on the problems their children face everyday.


How To Find Out if Your Baby is Bullied in School

This article goes hand-in-hand with the last one, but this one helps you recognize signs from your child if they’re being bullied. Roughly 160,000 students skip school because they’re bullied. Prevent your child from being a part of that statistic by keeping an eye out for these signs.

Simon the Safety Seal's School Safety Tips Feature

Simon the Safety Seal’s School Safety Tips for Kids

This article features an infographic which you can print out for your children to keep in their bookbag or in a binder. These tips are general and cover everything from riding the bus to solving conflicts between classmates to prevent bigger altercations. Share this general infographic with your kids to help them stay safe while they’re in school.


Keep Your College Students Safe This Semester 

Whether you’re sending your teenager off for their first year at college or their last, share this article with them to ensure they stay safe while they’re away on campus and you can’t be with them. Save yourself some worry about teach your kids to actively protect themselves while they’re at school.

simon-safety-school-kit (1)

Simon the Safety Seal’s Tips for a School Emergency Safety Kit

This is a great resource for teachers and school administrators. It details why you need an emergency safety kit in every classroom, but it also tells you what to keep in there! While it’s directed toward teachers and administrators, parents can also take tips from this article and suggest it at their next Parent-Teacher meeting to help keep their child’s school safer.

Simon the Safety Seal's Playground Safety Tips

Simon the Safety Seal’s Playground Safety Tips

These tips are perfect to share with your younger children who spend every evening at weekend on a playground. It’s also great to share just before school starts since many children spend at least half an hour on a playground with their classmates. Some safety tips are for parents, and are also good to share with your older children who may supervise their siblings, but we also included tips geared toward children.

School Safety

How To Plan Effective Bullying Prevention Programs in Schools

Again, this article is great for anyone involved in the school system, whether you’re a teacher, parent, or student. In this article we detail the steps for a school system to take in creating an effective, comprehensive bullying prevention program. It’s hard to manage cyber bullying and other types which don’t occur on school grounds, but there is a way to reach students online and control some of these bullying situations.

Do you know of a school safety topic we haven’t covered yet? Let us know in the comments and Simon will get right on it!



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